The Whitehorse Food Club

White Horse, Wareside, Ware. tel: 01920 462582

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Market Run

At the White horse we pride ourselves on cooking with the freshest produce possible.





They have to leave the Pub by 3.00 am to get to the markets well before rush hour .


The Hunt with Hounds

The Puckeridge Hunt with Hounds are made welcome at the White Horse


Catering Within Tent

Marquee hire, catering, bar, lighting, music, heating, flooring, furniture, your place or ours, you choose.

For all your marquee and outside catering needs click on to


To Billinsgate for fish

I leave at 3.00 in the morning from the pub to get to the meat market @ 3.45 / 4.00

After spending around an hour getting the pubs meat products
I then go to the fish market
I don't want to get to the fish market too early as you can't take your fish before 5.00am in the morning due to a market rule / by law?
The markets and produce give me inspiration. I see different fish and meat which give me ideas for different dishes keeping my menu varied and changeable



We like this pub very much. There is always a warm welcome from the staff and the food is excellent

Mr & Mrs Beavan